We help the California Cannabis industry thrive.

Technology, Marketing, Compliance, and Infrastructure Consulting
for the California Cannabis Industry.

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Bring Your California Cannabis Business Up to Standards.

Cannsulting's industry leading experts and unparalleled vendor network will bring your company up to speed, up to date, up to par, and into compliance quickly.


We are experts in seed-to-sale software integration and training, website and application design and programming, software systems integration, and IT infrastructure design and deployment.

marketing, branding, and advertising

Our team can help you create or re-invision your brand, design your marketing and advertising campaign, create all your digital assets and compliant packaging, and execute your online or offline advertising campaign.


We can work with you to design and purchase your greenhouse or cultivation center and equipment, or your cannabis extraction laboratory and equipment.

California cannabis compliance

Compliance is the first priority of everything we do for the CA Cannabis industry. We can help you define processes that meet all current CA Cannabis regulations.


The cannabis industry is old. It's the landscape that's new. Experience matters.

Our experts come from many walks of life, some cannabis, and some unrelated to the cannabis industry. From seasoned cultivators to dotcom era brand builders, our team is applying our unique set of experience to solving the challenges facing the California cannabis industry today.

We will help you to plan the most up-to-date, high quality, and compliant marketing, branding, technology, and/or infrastructure plan possible. And then we'll help you build it.

seed-to-sale software integration

We are seed-to-sale software integration specialists. We will help you select the best solution for your company, then manage the installation and training for you.


More than 20 years of designing and building applications and systems for entities as diverse as DirecTV and Timothy Leary.


Our experience in brand-building, advertising, and marketing includes complete creative design for online and offline assets, package design, geo-targeted PPC advertising, and social media management.

cultivation & extraction

Our grow and extraction consultants have managed hundreds of acres of indoor and outdoor grow, and built fully-compliant volatile extraction labs. We can help you design, build and get approvals for your cannabis facilities.